The Gold Coast Hidden Paradise

As someone who loves to take interesting Instagram photos (I mean, who doesn’t nowadays?) I am always on the lookout for some new places, especially places people haven’t been before. 

So when I first moved to the Gold Coast, my boyfriend and I decided to go and check out the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary, on our way there we spotted this beach right off the highway that had the clearest water and there were people jumping off the railings into the water! (I have found out though, that if you are caught doing this it can result in a ticket; so just a heads up)

We both decided that this was the next place to check out on our list. It was amazing, there were no waves and when we were there; no jellys! Which was a big bonus. It was so nice. They even had a little nature hike you could do through the forest. 


The last time I was there, there was a photo shoot going on so it was pretty awesome to see. The scenery here is amazing and absolutely breathtaking. 

So if you ever come to the Gold Coast or live here already, it’s definitely a great place to check out. 



Thanks for reading! If you have any places that I should check out around the Gold Coast, let me know in the comments below. 



What a Wednesday!

It’s a beautiful day in the Gold Coast today and I woke up to a great surprise this morning!

Starbucks Canada had featured my Instagram from last week! Which is pretty awesome.

That is the picture above. If you aren’t a gold star member I suggest you get on it!

Some of the gold star member benefits include:

– a free drink with every 12 stars.

– the cutest card for your wallet (as note above)

– a variety of special offers

Just start off by purchasing a Starbucks gift card (or asking for one as a gift) and recharging it with money every time you order a drink. This gives you a star every time you do!

Here is the photo posted by Starbucks Canada.


So cool!

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What is your favourite Starbucks drink?


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