What sites you won’t want to miss in Paris

After spending 3 days in Paris and roaming the entire city and doing absolutely everything (except for the Catacombs, because they are closed on Monday’s– so keep that in mind) I have narrowed down my top favourites of Paris and what you MUST do. I will begin with the given….

1) The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

I don’t even think that the pictures do it any justice at all. This was gorgeous to see in person, and the best backdrop for photos. To see the Eiffel tower is completely free, but if you want to go to the top, there was a fee. My boyfriend and I decided to take the lift directly to the top, which I recommend, this was €15,50 but if you decide on not going to the top and just making it to the second floor that is €9,00. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you do know the dates of when you are visiting Paris, make sure to book the Eiffel Tower in advance – you will avoid having to wait in line.

Eiffel Tower Night

(Also to take note, the Eiffel tower starts to sparkle beginning at 8 at night, on every hour – make sure to catch a glimpse of it. It is the most beautiful sight.)

2) Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

It was interesting to get to this because you did have to walk under a traffic circle, which took us a bit to find out but we finally did (Do not try to run across the road!!). We did not end up going to the top but it was still worth it to check this monument out, if you do plan on making the trek to the top the price is €9.50 but if you don’t just taking a look at the arc from the outside is worth it alone.

arc de triomphe details

This monument is very close to Champs-Élysée, so make sure to put these together if you would like to check out both. Another site is to see the tomb for the Unknown Soldier, its great to pay your respects.

2) Ladurée Macarons

Ladurée Macarons Entrance

Before I had gone to Paris, I had read so many mixed reviews, with most saying that it was overpriced and others saying they were worth every penny. I am on the side where this was definitely worth every penny. Once you reach the building which is on Champs-Élysée (a great street to window shop or if you are feeling rich to buy some nice designer items) it is quite the site, the building looks very decadent. There is a line up for take out, which is what I ended up doing, and it went by rather quickly. On the other side of the building there is an entrance for dine in.


If you are going to do the take away, make sure to read the menu they hand you as soon as you walk in. I made the mistake of not even looking and was overwhelmed once it came to my turn, so many different options to choose! I recommend that you get the chocolate, vanilla and pistachio. (I know, it’s a given..)

3) Musee de Louvre


Now if you are pressed for time like I was, I would take in to consideration if the Louvre is something that you need to see and have the time for. Since we were only in Paris for three days, and are not huge museum fanatics we chose just to take some pictures outside the Louvre instead of waiting the line (which was extremely long.. and we did not go in a busy month keep in mind) I would recommend going online and checking for skip the line tickets to save you some time and doing some research on the museum on whichever area is the most interesting for you, because I have read it can take over 4 hours to complete.

4) Jim Morrison’s Burial Place

Jim Morrisons Grave
( Pere-Lachaise Cemetery (Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise) )

Growing up always listening to The Doors, this was something that I knew I had to see. The cemetery is very large and has a lot of different famous artists and authors also buried here. It was difficult to find the grave but there are gardeners who helped us out rather quickly. There are barricades around Jim Morrison’s grave but people still brought flowers, picture frames and notes. If you are not interested in Jim Morrison, this is still a great cemetery to walk around and check out the different tombstones.

5) “Love Lock” bridge 

Love Lock bridge

Wether you are single or taken, this should be on your list for sure. The amount of locks on this bridge was so beautiful and just seeing the different types was pretty cool as well. If you forgot to bring your lock (like I may or may not have done..) there are some vendors along the bridge who are selling some, but I would recommend taking a walk down the street for not even 5 minutes to avoid paying the €10 for one lock and get one for €3! There were also shops around the area who would engrave the lock for you which was an added fee, but did look pretty chic. So put this one on your list and make sure to bring your own lock & permanent marker!

6) Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

I do not think the pictures I took of the outside of this cathedral even do it justice! The stunning architecture is so beautiful and to see it in person is a must. There are so many details around the building and inside the building. It was free to walk around and the line moves fairly quickly. There is a small little park located outside the cathedral that makes for a perfect spot to have lunch or eat a small snack. As mentioned earlier, this is located close to the lock bridge so you can add both these spots into your one day.